Proinert / IG-55


Inert gas systems are the safe, natural way to extinguish a fire. We’ve taken the solution to the next level. Fike’s PROINERT offers all the benefits of other inert gas systems with several significant design improvements. You’ll find the PROINERT solution is safer and more economical than any other system on the market.

Most inert gas systems discharge from the containers at high pressure, then use pressure reducers further down the pipe network. This system layout requires both high-pressure and low-pressure piping to handle the extinguishant as it travels to the discharge nozzle.

PROINERT is different. Our superior cylinder valve automatically reduces the pressure of the extinguishant at discharge. We provide an ideal discharge pressure and maintain a constant flow rate throughout the system. That means you can forget about expensive high-pressure piping. With PROINERT, you can use small-diameter, low-pressure piping from the container all the way to the nozzle, lowering your system costs.


Most inert gas systems discharge from the nozzle into the protected space with a high surge flow rate, creating a potentially hazardous pressure peak. Consequently, a large ventingproinert2 area must be installed, to protect the integrity of the protected space and your employees. In addition, industry regulations state that 95% of the required inert agent must discharge within 60 seconds after activation. To achieve that discharge rate, our competitors’ inert systems must increase the already high surge flow rate, further increasing the risk of damage.

Proinert is better. Because of our unique, patented valve assembly, the ProInert agent enters the protected room within the required 60 seconds at a steady flow rate, preventing destructive turbulence from occurring. Therefore, only the amount of extinguishant you really need is discharged, and the necessary venting area is much smaller — you can reduce your installation costs by as much as 60% on venting hardware!



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