Large Water Pump Delivery Systems

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When there is no such thing as a risk free world, whatever happens you can count on us.

  • High performance and environmentally responsible foam agents
  • Foam pumpers
  • Foam delivery devices
  • Super high capacity water hose delivery systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Fixed foam systems
  • Flammable liquid fire training
  • Foam pumpers and systems servicing
  • Technical assistance

Large scale disasters caused by acts of nature or man, may require large volumes of water transferred over long or short distances for emergency response. Whether it be an oil refinery storage tank fire; a critical water main disruption; an area where access to water is challenging; or even an act of terrorism against critical infrastructure targets, the movement of water delivered quickly and efficiently is crucial to successful emergency response.

Big Flow Systems from National Foam, Angus Flexible Pipelines, and Kidde Fire Fighting offer innovative, integrated solutions to these large capacity firefighting and water transfer needs. Incorporating a wide range of equipment designed and built by Kidde, Big Flow Systems provide optimal solutions to the unique requirements of a diverse range of catastrophic events.

Big Flow Systems include an impressive array of equipment developed specifically to address large capacity emergency water needs.

  • Mobile Pumping Systems - Dominator trailer-mounted, engine-driven pumps and modular Neptune positive pressure high lift pumps. Flows to 6,000 gpm at pressures to 150 psi.
  • Delivery Devices - Iron Man non self-educting and Terminator self-educting mobile foam delivery devices. Flows to 8,000 gpm.
  • Extra Large Diameter Hose (XLDH) - Super Aquaduct 8", 10", and 12", NSF 61, potable water layflat hose.
  • Hose Deployment, Retrieval, and Storage Equipment - Hose reel trucks and trailers, flaking boxes.
  • Hose Manifolds and Hardware
  • Foam, Foam Proportioning, and Foam Transport - A wide range of foam concentrates available featuring "Universal Gold" AR-AFFF. Proportioning Systems. Large capacity foam tank trucks.

Utilized as a complete system, or as individual components, the flexibility of National Foam's Big Flow Systems assures an optimal solution to a wide range of needs.

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The Neptune Pumping System is an innovative, integrated, transportable pumping module capable of pumping water at 5,000 gpm at 150 psi. Neptune integrates two floating satellite pumps that supply water to a main pump from distances up to 150’.

The satellite pumps provide up to 50’ of vertical lift inclusive of 150’ total distance. This feature allows greater access to more water sources when compared to standard suction lift pumps which are typically limited to 20’ horizontal and 10’ vertical.

 The National Foam Neptune Pumping System is an integrated, modular, mobile, pumping system capable of pumping 5,000 GPM at 150 PSI. Neptune employs two (2) portable, floating, 2,500 GPM, satellite pumps (255 lbs. each) that supply water to a main pump from distances of up to 150 ft. with a vertical lift of 50 ft. Provides tremendously improved access to more water sources when compared to standard suction lift pumps.

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While Neptune was designed to function seamlessly as a unit, the main pump and the satellite pumps, driven by separate engines, can be operated independently allowing Neptune to operate in a number of different scenarios. For instance the satellite pumps could supply water to other devices or apparatus other than Neptune, and/or the main pump could operate independently as a booster or relay station.



  • Lift water 50 ft. at distances up to 150 ft.
  • Two independent main and satellite pump engine drives
  • Hydrostatic control system assures positive pressure at inlet to main   pump
  • Deployment via roll on - roll off truck, crane, or fork lift
  • Two 8" inlets (grooved) and one 3" NH additive inlet
  • One 12" (grooved) and one 5" Storz outlet
  • 8 hour fuel supply
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Robust I-beam frame, 1⁄2" plate steel base
  • Integral fuel and oil storage tanks built into frame


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  • 3" flow meter at additive inlet
  • 12" flow meter at pump discharge
  • Additional 12" outlet connection
  • 8" and 12" Storz connections
  • Triton I and Triton II - Module with floating satellite pump(s) system only (no main pump). Available trailer mounted or roll on - roll configuration.



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Triton, the newest member of Kidde Fire Fighting’s “Big Flow” family of high capacity pumps, hose, hose deployment, and water/foam solution delivery devices, is a mobile, floating pump system that feeds high capacity (5,000 gpm) water to large primary pumps at positive pressure.

Triton eliminates the need to pump from draft and dramatically increases the area in which primary pumps can be deployed and operated.


Mobile Pumping Systems

National Foam offers a wide range of mobile, diesel engine driven, large capacity pumping systems that provide superior and reliable performance in difficult and demanding service conditions. Whether using our versatile Dominator series of skid mounted pump trailers, available in 4000, 5000, and 6000 GPM sizes, providing 150 PSI discharge pressure from draft, or our revolutionary Neptune Pumping System providing 150 PSI from water sources up to 50 feet below and 150 feet in distance from the pump, you can be assured of a quick, reliable source of large capacity water.

The Dominator and Neptune series of pumps can be employed individually to supply water directly to mobile foam delivery devices such as our Iron Man and Terminator series or to branching manifolds for distribution to other locations, devices, or apparatus. When used in parallel service, Dominator and Neptune can supply water in significantly larger volumes, limited only by the number of pumps deployed. When used in series along with our Super Aquaduct line of extra large diameter hose, Dominator and Neptune can be used as pump relay stations for transferring water over many miles with a minimal number of pumps.

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Single and Dual Pump Parallel Operation               Series or Relay Operations

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 Pumping to Multiple Devices and Apparatus    Emergency Potable Water Distribution



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 The National Foam Dominator 5000 GPM skid mounted diesel pump trailer answers the need for a large, practical, and efficient fire water pump. The unit has a nominal performance rating of 5000 GPM at 150 PSI when operating with a 6 ft. suction lift. The pump and engine are mounted on a box frame base, which also serves as a 300 gallon fuel tank. The stainless steel suction manifold is well outfitted with (6) 6" NH connections. The stainless steel discharge manifold is extremely capable for water distribution with (5) 5" Storz connections, (1) 10" Vic connection, and (1) 2 1⁄2" NH valved discharge.Screen shot 2012-06-10 at 7.34.01 PM

The unit is equipped with an operator's panel for engine controls and manifold pressure gauges. The pump's electrical system is 12 VDC with two heavy-duty batteries. The priming system consists of two 12 VDC electric primers. The pump skid is mounted on a custom designed 14,000 GVW trailer from which it can be utilized or easily removed for non-mobile or permanent applications. The standard unit is complimented with an overhead frame for lifting and hard suction hose troughs.

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  • High capacity 5000 GPM @ 150 PSI from draft
  • Capacities much greater than 5000 GPM from adequate pressurized water sources
  • Suitable to establish and/or supplement water supply needs
  • May be used with both fresh and seawater


  • Any paint color
  • Custom suction and discharge connections and configurations
  • Suction hoses and accessories
  • Storage compartments
  • Other GPM units available









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