Kitchen Hood

Restaurant Standards for Safety

When it comes to protecting your kitchen equipment from fire…

ANSUL® products protect more food service kitchens than any

other brand: from the time-tested R-102™ liquid agent system…

to the ultimate dual-agent protection only a PIRANHA® system

can provide.

You’ll find ANSUL systems in diners, fast-food chains, food courts,

sports complexes, cafeterias, convenience stores, hotels, gourmet

restaurants, and other food service kitchens.

R-102™ Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems
The ANSUL® R-102™ Liquid Agent System continues 
to be the #1 protector of today’s kitchen equipment.
R-102 Interactive Interactive Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression
The ANSUL® Interactive Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression includes valuable statistics, documents, web links, and ANSUL solutions for the restaurant industry.
PIRANHA® Fire Suppression Systems
ANSUL® PIRANHA® systems employ the best firefighting attributes of two extinguishing agents.
K-GUARD® Kitchen-Class Fire Extinguishers
K-GUARD fire extinguishers contain ANSULEX® liquid fire suppressant to quickly knock down the flames, form a vapor-securing blanket, and cool the grease and surrounding surfaces.




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