FEMA Life Safety

Life Safety Guide (PDF) Seven simple steps to safeguarding your property – and saving lives.
Balanced Fire Protection – To Promote Life Safety Brochure (PDF) Essential precautions, equipment and installation and testing requirements to protect your building and its occupants.
A Plan to Save Lives - Building Diagram (PDF) A “chain of survival” action plan to promote life safety in the event of a fire emergency.
Balanced Fire Protection Plan Detailed information on the seven steps to designing a fire safety plan.
 Interactive Fire Safety Quiz Test manager/owner, building and occupant preparedness for a fire emergency.
 Fire Hose/Interior Equipment:
Standpipe Fire Hose Stations (www.rackhosetraining.com) or CD An interactive Web site and training guide outlining the benefits, proper use and maintenance of standpipe fire hose stations.
High-Rise Fire Protection: A Tall Order (PDF) Understand potential fire risks, and learn about critical life-saving equipment, for high-rise buildings.
Rack and Reel Fire Hose - Insure Dependability (PDF) Simple steps to maintain and replace rack and reel hoses.

A Closer Look: Standpipe Fire Hose Stations (PDF) Understand the benefits and proper use of standpipe rack hose stations as part of a balanced fire protection plan.

 Fire Hose Rack Inspection Procedures (PDF) Maintenance guidelines and inspection protocol for standpipe rack hose stations.

 Portable Fire Extinguishers:

How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher (YouTube Video) An animated, two-minute training overview on how to assess a potential fire situation and use a portable fire extinguisher.
How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher (PDF) Outlines the proper fire situation assessment and action steps, and overviews the PASS method for using a portable fire extinguisher.
Statement on Class K Extinguishers (PDF) Highlights the safety benefits of Class K extinguishers for commercial cooking facilities.
A Closer Look: Portable Fire Extinguishers (PDF) Understand the benefits and proper use of portable fire extinguishers as part of a balanced fire protection plan.
Removal From Service of Obsolete Fire Extinguishers (PDF) A guide for portable fire extinguisher placement and maintenance within a commercial building.
UL-299 Brochure – A Hands-On Guide for Inspection & Maintenance (PDF) How to evaluate the condition of your fire extinguisher before recharging, repairing and conducting the six year maintenance.
UL-299 Flyer – Before Recharging, etc., Ask These Questions (PDF) How to evaluate the condition of your fire extinguisher before recharging, repairing and conducting the six year maintenance.
 Fire Suppression Systems:
Fire Systems Training (www.firesystemstraining.com) or CD Education and testing tool concerning fire suppression system benefits, usage, maintenance and related codes.
FEMA Recommended Decision Tree for Pre-Engineered Systems in Commercial Cooking Operations (PDF) Determine whether your pre-engineered system should be serviced or replaced with a UL 300 listed system.
Find Out How UL 1254... Changes the Way Industrial Hazards are Protected (PDF) Understand the reasoning, changes, and affects of the revised UL 1254 Standard.
Recommended Practice on Upgrading Restaurant Cooking Area Fire Prot. Systems (PDF) Understand why the UL 1254 Standard was revised and what impact the changes have.
A Closer Look: Fire Suppression Systems (PDF) Outlines the benefits of a fire suppression system as part of a balanced fire protection plan.
FAQ-UL-300 and Class K Extinguishers (PDF) [1 copy free with UL-300 Video.] Frequently asked questions about UL 300 Standard for commercial kitchens.
Service vs. Removal of Obsolete Commercial Kitchen Pre-Engineered Systems (PDF) Overviews codes, standards, liability and costs associated with systems for commercial kitchens.
Why It’s Important To Use Manufacturer Recommended Parts (PDF) Understand the performance, reliability, warranty and listing concerns with "non-complying parts" for pre-engineered systems.
Wet Chem. Pre-Engineered Restaurant Systems / Water Sprinkler (PDF) Compare the performance, cleanup time and costs associated with wet chemical pre-engineered systems.

Restaurant Fire Protection Changes - UL Standard 300 - (PDF) Test your knowledge of the most recent changes to the UL Standard 300.

FEMA Recommendations for Protection of Curtained Limited Finishing Workstations (PDF) Recommendations and guidelines for dry chemical fire suppression coverage.
FEMA Says Don’t Perform a Full System Discharge Test Using Extinguishing Agent for Installation Approval of a Pre-Engineered Wet Chemical


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