Video Smoke Detection




Camera-based automatic fire detection is the latest tech- nology that visually detects the presence of fire or smoke at its source, independent of airflow in the area. This pro- vides a critical advantage for early detection to identify and fight fires when they are in their initial stages, proper- ly safeguarding life and property. With FireVu Video Smoke Detection, Gamewell-FCI now provides the answer to many of the detection questions associated with unique buildings and challenging environments.

FireVu uses standard CCTV cameras combined with advanced software to pinpoint flame and smoke signatures during incipient fire stages. The system was designed to save installation labor costs by eliminating additional wiring, reducing the number of detectors, and simple commissioning.


A Clear View to the Future of Detection


Traditional spot-type smoke and fire detection methods are designed to look at one or more of the emissions of fire, most commonly smoke, followed by heat. However, these methods do not provide adequate protection in modern buildings with unique structures, or in other spe- cialized facilities. Features like vast open areas (atria, high ceilings, concert halls, railroad stations, etc) can severely diminish the effectiveness of spot-type smoke and heat detectors. FireVu Video Smoke Detection excels in all of these environments without compromising alarm response time and false alarm rejection.


FireVu is an advanced Video Smoke Detection server- based system designed to operate over an IP network. Using mathematical algorithms, it is capable of detecting the presence of smoke within each of its four available camera inputs. Building operators can be alerted of any activity either remotely over the system’s network or local to the Fire Alarm Control Panel via relay outputs. Each camera can be configured for up to 16 fully independent zones allowing the user complete flexibility on setting areas of protection. The system can be mounted in a 19” rack-mount with the ability of multiple servers joined together for multi-camera installations. All alarm events are recorded to disc with pre- and post-event video allow- ing the operator to witness (or investigate) the event.



• Identifies both smoke and flame

• Unaffected by smoke / heat stratification

• Operates from new / existing CCTV cameras

• Relay output to fire alarm panel

• Environmental compensation algorithms

• Zones easily reconfigured for hazard changes

• Unaffected by airflows and smoke dilution

• Detects even through windows or glass

• Utilizes existing IP network

• Combine as surveillance camera system

• Display up to 8 digitalized video images simultaneously

• Automatic camera switching under alarm conditions

• Adjustable smoke level detection

• Storage for 5000 date and time stamped images

• Associate two cameras for one zone for pre-alarm and alarm detection

• Can be driven by Honeywell Power Products supplies.



• Processing plants

• Tunnels

• Aircraft hangers

• Mass transit facilities

• Entertainment venues (stadiums, halls)

• Historic structures

• Modern buildings with atria and high ceilings

• Open, unprotected areas


Typical Network Installation With Multiple Zone Cameras and Processors Connected to FACP



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