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E3 PointSensepoint Pro

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The Sensepoint Pro provides comprehensive monitoring of flammable, toxic and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres, both in and out of doors. Detects flammable gases, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen.

This pre-configured detector includes two programmable alarm relays as well as an industry standard 4-20mA output. The scale, range, calibration, relay operation and alarm set points may be adjusted via the transmitters’ backlit LCD and an intrinsically safe remote control. Outputs are automatically inhibited during adjustment thereby reducing the risk of false alarm at the control panel during maintenance.

It is ideal for use with either conduit or steel wire armored cable and glands. A 3/4”NPT entry and M20 adaptor are included as standard. A weatherproof cap is also included for use in the harshest outdoor conditions. Using an easy to replace plug-in sensor, downtime is also reduced and on-going costs are minimized through the use of poison resistant flammable sensors and patented SurecellTM toxic sensor technology.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Main body:Powder coated aluminum (ADC12), Sensor: 316 stainless steel, Weatherproof cap: Aluminum, 316 stainless steel mesh
  • Operating Temperature:Dependent upon gas type and certification
  • Operating Humidity Range:Continuous: 20-90%RH (non condensing), Intermittent: 10-99%RH (non condensing)
  • Operating Pressure: 90-110kPa
  • Storage Conditions: -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F)
  • Alarm Relays: 2 x 3A@240Vac alarm relays, link selectable output as NO or NC
  • Weight: 1450g
  • Certification: ATEX and UL
  • Standards: North America: UL1203, Europe: CE, ATEX, EMC (EN50270)
  • IP Rating: IP65 as standard in accordance with EN60529:1992

 E3 Point

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E3Point goes beyond  protection to offer your building greater performance and productivity, making your operation run more intelligently to protect your people, property  and your bottom line.

 Flexible Operation

  • Comes in standalone, standalone with remote (dual gas mode) or network versions
  • Connects to analog or digital systems
  • Works with virtually any BAS including BACnet, Modbus or LonWorks
  • Connects to wired or wireless system
  • Wall or duct mount
  • Factory calibrated cartridges

Cost Effective

  • Saves energy through Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)
  • Simplifies installation through plug-n-play sensor*
  • Remote sensor option provides dual gas monitoring (standalone version only)
  • Optimizes BAS, fire, ventilation and other security systems

Versatile Communications

  • Works through BAS to improve fault diagnostics and collect data on gas concentration levels, sensor condition etc
  • Couple with 301C to log data and daisy-chain up to 96 E3Point units

Advanced Sensing Technology

  • Detects CO  NO2, O2, H2, H2S, CH4, C3H8
  • Advanced electrochemical (for toxic gases) and catalytic bead (for combustible gases) sensor performance
  • Uses patented Reflex® and smart cartridge technology

Range of Accessories

  • Factory calibrated replacement cartridges
  •  Power transformer
  • Vandal resistant steel wire detector guards
  • Tamper-proof screws
  • Horns and strobes


E3Point's plug-n-play sensor is factory calibrated and works out of the box. Upon installation E3Point automatically configures for quick operation. You benefit from easier installation and maintenance and greater adaptability to changing building and safety requirements.

Reflex® Technology

Only Honeywell's  patented Reflex® technology adds this extra degree of precision and diligence to sensor monitoring to make doubly sure you are safe. Reflex bounces electrical signals into the E3Point electrochemical sensor cell at regular intervals, a form of electronic bump testing and continuous monitoring of cell response.

E3Point integrates  easily with your buildings analog or digital infrastructure as a standalone unit or network addressable device.



Enhanced VESDA ECO - Aspirating Smoke Detection Plus Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring

Invisible hazards can originate from the release of toxic gases, oxygen deficiency, or the presence of combustible gases/vapors. As with fire detection, proactive gas detection enables countermeasures to be taken to protect personnel and property from such unseen dangers.

VESDA ECO combines aspirating smoke detection with gas detection and environmental monitoring. It uses an existing VESDA pipe network to actively sample air for the presence of smoke as well as hazardous/combustible gases. Integration with other building systems (FACP, PLC, HVAC and BMS) delivers real-time situational awareness and intelligent emergency response, including the activation of demand-controlled ventilation to save energy and control costs.

ECO Benefits

Leverages existing VESDA pipe networks to cost effectively detect both smoke and gas in addition to providing environmental monitoring

Provides detection for multiple gases through simple expansion without major construction or retrofitting

Reduces energy consumption and costs through demand-controlled ventilation

Conditions air to remove dirt, particulates, moisture, poisonous agents, and cross-interference gases

Works in harsh environments

Provides non-intrusive detection for aesthetics or to prevent vandalism

Enables centralized monitoring and communication with building systems for real-time awareness

Integrates easily with FACP/PLC/HVAC/BMS


Gas Detection and Ranges
Each VESDA ECO detector can house up to two gas sensors, and additional detectors can be added easily to the pipe network to monitor more gases if required. The enhanced VESDA ECO can be configured to detect:



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